Primped and Pampered

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013

Every six weeks my pampered pooches experience “Spa Day” where they are cleaned, polished and groomed. Lhasa Apsos and many other long haired breeds require regular grooming visits. For me, I like to keep their coats short for easy maintenance. They both received a rigorous bath, a badly-needed nail trim and coat reduction.

Our latest groom was done by Miss Mari at Valley of the Dogs in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Mari is a long-time, family friend who was extremely friendly with my pups. Her caring demeanor and professionalism made Emma and Yeti trust her gentle touch. Her assistant (and hubby) Den was very calm and genial with my pups at the drying table too. They work together with a smooth and efficient system.

Emma & Yeti’s spa day took a lot out of two pups whose normal schedule includes holding down the living room couch. They caught-up on their zzzzz’s as soon as they got home. But the best part is, Emma & Yeti are gorgeous and cuddly again.

Thank you Mari & Den! We’ll miss you when we head to Texas!