You can get through this…

Posted by on Mar 14, 2020

During these crazy times when business is down, use it to your advantage. There are so many things you can do to keep your name out there in the community. Here are a few ideas. Feel free to use them and add to the list if you have more. Let’s hear what you got!

  • Visit apartment complexes that have dog parks and ask the manager if you can clean up and spruce up their dog walking areas. Talk to those who are outside with their pups – give them your biz card.
  • Offer a litter box cleaning special for your cat clients. They provide fresh litter and an outside water source. You clean, scrub and disinfect the box(es), add fresh litter and return.
  • Offer a yard poop-scoop special for spring cleaning.
  • Offer discounted gift cards for future use.
  • Write reviews for your favorite small businesses: coffee shops, dog bakeries, salons, restaurants, groomers, etc.
  • Collect donated pet supplies, toys, pet beds, crates from your clients for your local shelter and/or rescues. Visit them, chat, say hello to the pets…connect!
  • Walk your own dog(s) – strike up convos with your neighbors. Give out your biz card/flyers. To make yourself more visible, dress up in costume, dress up your pet…or both.
  • Focus on writing blog posts, get them scheduled out.
  • Create marketing graphics, flyers, etc.
  • Go through your phone and organize photos of pets to use as client gifts.
  • Do some updates to your website.
  • Review and practice your Pet First Aid/CPR. Go through your first aid kit and replenish if necessary.
  • Post Facebook LIVE videos.

Don’t let this spare time go down the drain. Be active, be present, do what you can to keep your business name out there.