Until We Meet Again…

Posted by on Jul 7, 2017

Recently, I had the very unfortunate decision to make the “call.” The call that pet owners dread. Our final act of love and compassion, to allow our furry family member, devoted friend and sentient soul take her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

My sweet and loving girl, Emma, was a ripe old age of 14 ½ and was a bright and shining star in my heart since she was 1-year old. Her little body finally failing…her organs began to shut down. She was tired. And I knew.

Emma did not have a loving start as a puppy with her previous people. She was regulated to the harsh outdoor weather of Colorado year-round – alone and afraid. She ultimately found her way to an amazing rescue – Lhasa Apso Rescue-Colorado – and that is when Emma came into my life. I adopted her so she could be a companion to my other dog at the time, Sierra. Slowly, Emma came out of her shell and accepted the love I shared with her and her canine sister.

Sadly, Sierra passed away after an injury at a very young age. Although Emma enjoyed being an “only” for a little while, she needed canine companionship. While fostering another Lhasa Apso from Lhasa Apso Rescue – Colorado, Yeti found his way into our hearts. Emma & I decided to keep him.

Emma & Yeti

Emma & Yeti were the ultimate canine pack who enjoyed each other every day. My fondest memories are when I witnessed them play and chase each other. But, Emma never let Yeti forget that she was “top dog,” always correcting him when warranted. As the years passed, they became inseparable.

What a life Emma lived! She was never lonely or subjected to harsh climates – she was pampered and spoiled. She was my canine daughter and could not have been loved any more than she was. She traveled, kayaked, camped and RV’d, took road trips, long walks & hikes, swimming, pawticipated in pet-related events and fundraisers and even has her own superhero pet trading card!

Emma's Smile

Emma’s snaggle-tooth smile

At home, she was my shadow, my Velcro dog…never leaving my side. “Emm,” her nickname, was there – always with me. Even if I got up from a chair to walk to another room, she would follow. Her eyes always following my every move, never out of sight.

Emma enjoyed her kitty sisters too. When they were kittens, she kept the peace during feline frenzies. They respected her for that. And they rewarded her by allowing her to sneak some kitty food when no one was looking. She knew how to walk so quietly, like she was ninja, wearing slippers.

Emma had so much to give over her lifetime – so much love, despite her neglected first year of life. She learned to trust again, but it had to be earned.

so hard to say good-bye

Emma’s health began to fail, her steps were struggled, food was no longer a gratifying, enjoyable meal and naps were much more frequent. I felt her long stares trying to let me know it was “time.” I knew.

I promised her I would never allow her to be in pain or discomfort. As hard as the decision to let her go was for me, her little body could not go on. She lived and she loved. It was her time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge to meet all those who passed before her, and to wait patiently for me to join her.

…it’s time…

I imagine her lying there, just by the side of the road of the bridge, her eyes fixed on the other side of the bridge…waiting. I can’t wait to see her again, to feel her sweet kisses and watch her dance with joy.

Rest in peace, my sweet girl. Thank you for coming into my life and being such a good girl. Thank for the kisses and the snuggles. I will miss you every day until I see you again. I LOVE YOU!

January 24, 2003 – April 29, 2017

A huge thank you to my very good friend Christy Myhre. She is a photographer, graphic artist and web designer who owns her own business, Myhreco. She visited us the morning of Emma’s last day to say good-bye and took these candid photos. I am so grateful to have these memories that capture Emma as we said good-bye.