Potty Like A Rock Star – Teach Your Dog to Potty on Command

Posted by on Nov 17, 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if your pup could potty on command? Think about long car rides or hotel stays. When you only have a specific amount of time for a bathroom break, you want your dog to “go” as well.

Training your dog to potty on cue takes some patience, but once this behavior is learned, it is so useful.

IT’S POTTY TIMEPotty Like a Rockstar

To get started, determine what that trigger word will be – “go potty,” “potty,” “go pee.” Stick with that phrase and everyone in the household should use it too.

Know when it’s time to go. You know your dog and when it’s time for her to potty so set her up to succeed. Dogs usually have to potty after eating, playing and after waking. Take her outside on a leash (at first) so you can control her activity. Quietly pace until you see her about to squat, then use your trigger word – “go potty.” When she relieves herself, give lots of verbal praises. You can even use small, high-value treats (like chicken). After using your trigger word while on leash for about a week, try off-leash training. Do not say anything if they don’t potty because sometimes they simply do not have to go. Only praise after you’ve used the cue and she actually potties.

Be consistent, but never harsh. You don’t want her to be afraid to eliminate. It’s a process. It CAN be done. My dogs have learned this command and it has been invaluable throughout their life.


After the behavior is learned in your own yard, it’s important to use it other situations like the dog park, even during a walk in your neighborhood. That way she won’t be programed to ONLY eliminate in your yard.

Use your cue every time your dog needs to potty.

Next time you’re at an event, a hotel, campground or anywhere there’s a designated pet area, ‘WOW’ your fellow dog-lovers with your pet’s genius.

Now, go potty!