Lifetime Microchip Registration

Posted by on Apr 10, 2019

Microchips are a necessity for pets. They account for reuniting 90% of lost pets. Here in San Antonio, TX they are mandatory. It makes sense. Pets can’t tell you they are lost or where their home is. A microchip is the only definitive way to prove ownership.

BUT, you HAVE to register the microchip. There are many different microchip companies. All have many price options for renewing the registration yearly. That’s where pet parents get lazy. They forget, put off or just don’t do it.

There’s no need to pay annually. With AKC ReUnite you pay one flat fee of $17.50 for a lifetime registration. The form requires your name, address, contact information, alternate contact (if you’re not available), your pet’s name and birth date, even your vet info and pet’s medical issues. One time!

AKC ReUnite TagsAll microchip companies can be registered and/or transferred to AKC ReUnite. They offer their own FREE tag for your pet’s collar in different sizes. You can even purchase tags with your pet’s name.

So many times microchips have either no registration details or they’re outdated. It’s important that you review the information on a regular basis like when you move or medical needs change, etc.

Your pet’s depend on YOU to keep things current.