“Answer Your Cat’s Questions” Day

Posted by on Jan 26, 2020

Josie the PussycatWait…what? There’s an ‘Answer Your Cat’s Questions’ Day? Why, yes there is!! It is celebrated annually on January 22nd.

If you’re like me, you conjure up in your head what our pets are thinking or what they would say. The meme circling social media now is: “People think I’m crazy when I talk to my cat. What am I supposed to do? Just ignore him when he asks me a question?”

I can relate.

In honor of this special day, I came up with several questions MY cats ask me and my responses.

Why do you get mad when I toss your things off the counter?

If it’s something breakable, you could hurt yourself. Besides, they’re my things and they belong on the counter, especially that half-full cup of coffee.

Why must you constantly clean up around my litter box?

Because it’s messy and the litter is sticking to my socks.

Why can’t I have treats as appetizers?

I want you to have a balanced and nutritious diet so you stay healthy for a very long time. Treats are like my M & M’s; they’re addictive and make you fat. Please eat your supper. You’ll get a treat before bed.

My nails are beautiful and I’ll file them as I see fit. Why must you cut them?

When they get really pointy and sharp, they puncture the upholstery…and my skin! Trimming nails does not hurt and yes, they are beautiful.

Do I really need to have my fur brushed?

Yes. I know you enjoy your own daily groom-bath, but when I brush you, it helps to keep your fur shiny, smooth and beautiful.

What is that creature that runs on the trees outside my house?

They are squirrels. They’re outside and they won’t hurt you. Consider them daytime entertainment.

Why did you wash my blanket? The smell was perfect.

It was filthy. Don’t worry, I use odor-free detergent so you can reapply your fur and dander without any other smells.

As you can tell, my kitties tend to be quite chatty. They seem to accept my answers and generally follow the rules. There are days of revolt, but a little playtime and a couple of treats tame their sense of entitlement.