Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of quality pet care and client service while helping to ensure peace of mind for my clients during their absence.

QUALITIES & ATTRIBUTES: Honest, Extremely Organized, Punctual, Patient, Courteous, Respectful, High Moral Standards, Discretion with Confidential Matters, Trustworthy

  • I have a sense of urgency, preparedness, dependability and high level of responsibility.
  • I understand animal psychology, such as the pack mentality or alpha/omega hierarchy in dogs. Cats have totally different dynamics even within the same residence.
  • I recognize different breeds, life stages and personalities to accommodate each pet individually.
  • I am alert and observant to subtle changes in appetite, animal behavior, general health and pet demeanor.
  • I am able to dispense medications for health conditions as appropriate by direction of the client.
  • I am trustworthy enough to properly secure a client’s residence upon each departure, to include alarm codes.
  • I respect my client’s home and do not leave messes behind nor bring unauthorized people into their home.
  • I do everything in my power to ensure clients come home to happy, healthy, well-adjusted animals and their home is in the exact same order in which it was left.