Prepare for your Pet Sitter

Posted by on Nov 5, 2014

Bags are packed, you’re ready to go…

Prepare for your Pet Sitter

“Excuse-meow, our parents feed us using the pretty pink bowls.”

Time to prepare for your pet’s “staycation” at home with their friendly pet sitter. Below are several tips of things you can do to help make your pet’s time alone safe and your pet sitter’s tasks easier.

  1. Stop/Hold mail and newspapers or arrange collection by your pet sitter.
  2. DO NOT turn off water or electricity to the house. These utilities are essential during each visit and since your pet sitter will be coming by frequently, she can alert you if there are any issues.
  3. Clean out your refrigerator and empty all trash cans – bored pets who roam the house are itching to get into something, like smelly trash.
  4. Put all harmful cleaning supplies, medications, electronics, plants, etc away in a safe place.
  5. Toilet lids down and doors closed to all rooms “off limits” – you don’t want a pet to accidentally fall into a toilet and not be able to get out. Nor do you want your important papers chewed up or peed on in your home office.
  6. Leave a radio or CD on nearby for background noise.
  7. Nightlights are perfect if you prefer to keep all your lights off during dark hours. YES, pets need some light and NO, they do not see in the dark.
  8. Use Feliway or D.A.P. to keep pets calm in your absence. You can also use Bach Rescue Remedy (for pets) as an additive to their water bowls.
  9. Alert a trusted neighbor AND your local police/fire station that you will be on vacation. Give them your pet sitter’s name and vehicle license plate so they know what vehicle should be in your driveway.
  10. Leave emergency contact phone numbers: neighbors, family members AND where you’ll be staying. PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON CELL.
  11. Leave your travel itinerary especially if it includes planes, trains or cruise ships. List airline, flight number, etc. With all the unrest in the world, the person caring for your pet must know when to expect you back and who to contact should you not return.
  12. If your pet requires medication, leave CLEAR instructions on how it is to be dispensed.
  13. If your pet doesn’t normally wear a collar with a CURRENT name tag, they should during your absence. Leave leashes and crates in a conspicuous place, should they be needed.
  14. All necessary supplies to care for your pet and your home should be in a visible and safe location:
    1. Extra Food/Treats
    2. Extra Litter
    3. Pet Bowls
    4. Pee Pads
    5. Baby Gates
    6. Flashlight
    7. Dish Soap
    8. Paper Towels
    9. Rags/Towels
    10. Cleaning Solutions
    11. Trash Bags
    12. Crates
  15. Carry a “Pet Contact Card” in your wallet – if you don’t have one, please ask your pet sitter and you will be provided one. It alerts anyone who would need to find your identity that you have pets at home.
  16. Proper payment for your pet sitter.
  17. Always send a courtesy text or phone call to your pet sitter when you actually leave your home AND when you return home. They want to know when your pets are safely back in your care.

If you are traveling abroad or for an extended period of time, it is also very helpful if you complete a Pet Limited Power of Attorney. If you would like a template to use, please contact Waggs & Purrs Pet Sitting.