Toki Poki

Toki Poki is an online pet community to share profiles and pals. You can get your pet’s very own trading card and a crateful of fun pet accessories are available in their shop as well.

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Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue

Wayward Whiskers is an independent special needs cat rescue located in San Antonio, TX.

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Pancake Pets - Custom-Made Flat Pets

Custom-Made Flat Pets for no pets allowed homes & offices, bloggers, trade shows & events, home security… & for keeping your pet close when they can’t be!

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P2 Collars

Rattlesnake and Cobra weave collars work best for small to medium sized dogs, as well as lean large dogs. The Bugs Belly and King Cobra weave are great for the thicker medium to large sized dogs. P2 Collars are hand-made in the USA.

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Freaky Dog People - You Know Who You Are

Freaky Dog People is for dog lovers who literally wear their emotions on their sleeves to express the love and joy that dogs bring to their lives. They are sophisticated, yet fun, and enjoy an active life style. This USA made collection of women’s quality apparel with original designs allow all dog lovers to experience the Freaky Dog People culture.